We love what we do.

You’re clear about what you need. Strata’s clear about how we’ll deliver. The project, the schedule, and the budget are laid out for you throughout the process. Line by line and date by date, the details are shared in real time so you always know where you stand.

Being in constant communication delivers peace of mind while the Strata team produces work only those passionate about their jobs can achieve. We can introduce you to options that improve on established methods and deliver more satisfying results. Whether your unique need is rooted in the design, the budget, or the timeline, Strata is committed to fulfilling it, and to setting new standards in quality and character that will be clear to all who enter your space.

Strata’s projects illustrate a new legacy of work in design and construction. We’re confident you’ll find that our jobs—including the one we do for you—achieve a higher industry standard. A look at the list of projects Strata has under its belt reveals that we’re trusted by architects, developers, and others who haven’t hesitated to recommend us to others.

We build passion into our projects.

Strata is a construction management firm based in Saskatoon. Committed to honesty and integrity, we bring our policy of real time feedback and communication to every project we deliver.

1729 Ontario Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7K 1S9

Strong foundation. What we build on.
A strong foundation is what we build on.